X-FIT Boxing
X-FIT Boxing is "Xtreme" boxing and fitness. It is a mix of authentic boxing and crossfit training which includes weights, calisthenics, mitt combos, floor work and bag drills that builds muscle, strength, endurance, and speed.


Owner & sole trainer of X-Fit Boxing (formerly known as Banga Fitness), Ahmik Bryant has years of experience as both a trainer and competitive amateur boxer, as well as a formal education & respected certification in the field of exercise science.

Ahmik Bryant received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology from New Jersey City University in 2010, with a concentration in Human Services and Aging and minor in Exercise Science. He became recognized as a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) by the National Council of Strength Fitness (NCSF). Former Collegiate Football Player for NJ University. He is also certified in CPR and First Aid. Ahmik is currently registered as a Professional Boxer in New Jersey and is looking forward to making his long awaited Pro Debut.He is also registered through USA Boxing as both a coach and amateur boxer as well. Ahmik is a former "NEW JERSEY AMATEUR STATE CHAMPION '04' and NEW JERSEY DIAMOND GLOVES CHAMPION '04' Ahmik recorded a record 12-3-6NC. He was given the name 'Banga' by his New Jersey Hall of Fame amateur coach Donald Givens and peers for his exciting style of boxing, and having one punch knockout power in either hand. The X-Fit Boxing motto's are, "YOU ARE AS GOOD AS YOUR LAST WORKOUT OR FIGHT" "SWEAT IS FAT CRYING", "PAIN IS WEAKNESS LEAVING THE BODY" "EAT CLEAN, TRAIN MEAN, GET LEAN", "NO EXCUSES, ONLY RESULTS", and "FEAR NOTHING, CONQUER EVERYTHING!".


Body Composition Analysis

$25/20 min

  • This procedure includes being weighed, & measured on an accurate scale, a series of circumference measurements being taken with tape, and body fat percentage being calculated using a 3-site caliper skinfold measuring method.
Sample Workouts

$30/30 min

  • New Clients / No Commitment
    BOXING - authentic boxing training & intense total body cardio workout.
    CONDITIONING - total body conditioning, modeled after 'That Work' & "P.I.T.A" classes.
Private 1-on-1 Training

$70/60 min

  • This rate is for one private boxing, crossfit conditioning or personal training session. Need more? click below for bundled package options.
Youth BoxFit (Group Boxing Program)

$20/45 min$200/mo.

  • Ages 8 to 16. Your child will need gloves & wraps. My boxing program is a great way for your child to build confidence, discipline, character and self control; while learning self-defense. Private youth boxing lessons can be scheduled at anytime; see 1-on-1 training packages. Note: Parents please try to have your child on time to reap the full benefits of the class and be there on time to pick your child up. Must be considerate of other clients time and mine. Thanks in advance.

"That Work", "P.I.T.A" (Pain In The Abs), "BoxFit" (Boxing Fitness))

$30/45 min$300/mo.

  • That Work and P.I.T.A sessions are a high intensity calisthenics with minimal crossfit based programs. I focus on body weight exercises with minimal weights that are geared to enhance your overall level of fitness. BoxFit classes/ sessions are circuit based. BoxFit Class: MEMBERS MUST HAVE THEIR OWN BOXING GLOVES and HAND WRAPS. Note: Please arrive on time! You will not be allowed to join class if you are more than 10 minutes late.
Multiple-Client Sessions (Boxing or CrossFit Conditioning)

$45/45 min

  • Clients can choose to train along with one or more friends, co-workers, or family members. This can make private training more affordable for each individual involved since the total cost per session remains $45, regardless of how many clients train together. Note: Multiple client training is only available for boxing or crossfit conditioning classes. For safety reasons, we do not allow multiple people to train simultaneously with free-weights in personal training sessions.